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    From the very beginning we will define that housewives too should not look carelessly and loudly dressed. It is inadmissible and worthy indignations. At the center it is necessary to put... 
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  • To the housewife on a note

    There are ladies who devote itself to the relatives and dear people, the house and its arrangement. They support a cosiness and an order, watch children and the spouse in respect of maintenance... 
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Romantic style


GraceAnything so is not typical for female clothes as a legendary corset for an utyazhka of superfluous forms. It was so popular and basic for ladies that turned into an arbitrariness symbol over women and became zhupely in hands of feminists. We should thank them for disposal of this awful obligatory means for tortures. Though now later long time, we see it again among linen.

At once we will tell that at the mention of a corset on mind painful associations of a tightening of come to "wasp waist". After all only the corset allowed

to achieve an improbable narrow waist. And tortures of the woman thus in attention were not accepted. Though the magnificent bust and hips turned out. The figure of women in the form of a sand watch very seductively looked, but there was also an enormous harm from an excessive utyazhka that brought to the woman of suffering and an organism irreparable minuses.

Modern concept we understand, as it is bad to harm to myself, even in exchange receiving beauty what blindly to follow the accepted standards of beauty and norms it is not necessary and it is dangerous. It is very useful to give birth healthy to the child and most to remain healthy. To take out it in comfortable conditions. Though to such concept we went very long. In the history the corset grace can be compared to the Spanish boot of tortures which did not smaller harm, than this tool of the executioner. To that examples – a set of the conclusive and depressing annals.

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  • Decor on footwear

    Feminity is inherent in ladies always. And desire to make even more attractive and womanly to add to the image still something fashionable and refined, and the main thing... 
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  • Fashionable baulchik

    The classics in clothes style demands from a handbag such rules: A quality material – velyurovy, velvet, kidskin. Without superfluous heaps. Harmonious compliance... 
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