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    There are ladies who devote itself to the relatives and dear people, the house and its arrangement. They support a cosiness and an order, watch children and the spouse in respect of maintenance... 
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Style of the business lady

Check reviews to read the most reliable reviews by students Style of the business ladyFor the representative environment business who often goes on business meetings and negotiations, two things – a cocktail dress and the dress are simply necessary for a business evening banquet. In means of a make-up also it is necessary to be selective. There are strict regulations for use of day and evening make-ups. It will allow you to look harmoniously and during a business lunch, and on an evening buffet table. Spirits and eau de toilette should correspond to an image of the business lady, not confuse time of the use of exciting sweetish aromas

and fresh easy and unostentatious.

For the dress the business lady too should think over a decor and with taste to select. The leather portfolio expensive and qualitative will be the main thing and the integral accessory. Or a flat bag with short handles, business documents here will enter. Bags will be suitable for business voyages road, facilitated, but capacious. The size can be and an average, and the price and quality at height.

All ornaments and footwear we select in unison with your general image. To refresh for a long time nosimy things it is possible the scarves which are absolutely necessary in your arsenal if you really the businessman, but watch tendencies and want to look not a cracker.

And if on a situation the severity is not supposed, the correct dress-code can look so. Clothes of a simple cut, but expensive fabric on the manufacture, known fashion house. Here during a time a jacket to which it will be possible to pick up a skirt plowing. Or dress and blazer.

If to sum up, clothes of the business lady such:

- pair of business sets, it is desirable dark blue and black flowers, with a skirt or trousers – to choose to you.

- separate blazer.

- trousers classical not the jeans.

- a narrow skirt, to the middle of a knee or below centimeters on five.

- blouses of different flowers and invoice.

- jumper and pullovers, only not sweaters.

- cocktail dresses, for issue.

- a coat from cashmere with a fur otorochka.

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