House clothes
  • Base set of clothes

    From the very beginning we will define that housewives too should not look carelessly and loudly dressed. It is inadmissible and worthy indignations. At the center it is necessary to put... 
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  • To the housewife on a note

    There are ladies who devote itself to the relatives and dear people, the house and its arrangement. They support a cosiness and an order, watch children and the spouse in respect of maintenance... 
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Collection of fashionable clothes
Romantic style

Style of romanticism, we avoid oversights

Style of romanticism, we avoid oversightsIn creation of a romantic image – the main thing not to go too far and unreasoned erroneous steps not to give itself a vulgar look. Let's consider all reefs of this artful Steel.

The first. On a figure fitting tightly jeans seductively sit, but at all that risk to burst at each step. Choose the jeans ideally sitting on hips and covering a stomach. In addition your fillet too should be closed, but is strong not be fitted,
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The real romantic lady – who is she?

The real romantic lady – who is she?The classical option looks so – a waist osiny, hips of exciting forms, a high bust and wavy hair long. But this canon for a long time will cross out our islands of beauty, ladies-chudesnitsami. Now neither the age, nor external data, the social status do not prevent you to be individual, unique, desired and victorious at an opposite sex. Let's consider some obligatory points at which observance, you will draw to yourselves genuine attention of a man's half of the environment. Though it is necessary to remember that clothes
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Official style
Sports style
Ornaments and accessories
  • Decor on footwear

    Feminity is inherent in ladies always. And desire to make even more attractive and womanly to add to the image still something fashionable and refined, and the main thing... 
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  • Fashionable baulchik

    The classics in clothes style demands from a handbag such rules: A quality material – velyurovy, velvet, kidskin. Without superfluous heaps. Harmonious compliance... 
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Outer clothing