House clothes
  • Base set of clothes

    From the very beginning we will define that housewives too should not look carelessly and loudly dressed. It is inadmissible and worthy indignations. At the center it is necessary to put... 
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  • To the housewife on a note

    There are ladies who devote itself to the relatives and dear people, the house and its arrangement. They support a cosiness and an order, watch children and the spouse in respect of maintenance... 
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Collection of fashionable clothes
Romantic style

Boats for the lady

Boats for the ladyThe real lady it is visible on gait. And for flying and attracting gait which man's views strike on the spot, the convenient and beautiful footwear is necessary. And among easy shoes boats are considered as the most womanly. Let's consider all reasons of such draft of women to this look a shoe. Why their rating at ladies does not fall never?

The first condition – in them the leg, seems already and to put on them easy – simplicity and convenience involve women. Certainly, they change a look over time, heel height, a sock, color scale of different parts … To read further

Modern grace for an utyazhka

Modern grace for an utyazhkaNow dragging-away corsets, grace, sew from an elastic and dense material, inserting into it thin plates from metal. A cut leave such that it hid all unpleasant moments in a figure. It is very possible that it is necessary to define slightly a waist, to fix a stomach, to add splendor of a breast – and all this without harm for health and appearance. And also not to create it inconveniences and to keep comfort.

Many ladies grace carry only as linen. Accept it for bottom дезабилье. Though the cut, and a style of modern gratsiya allow to carry
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To the housewife on a note

To the housewife on a noteThere are ladies who devote itself to the relatives and dear people, the house and its arrangement. They support a cosiness and an order, watch children and the spouse in respect of their maintenance in a worthy look. But we offer you and about myself not to forget – it is impossible to give up as lost the appearance and to consider unessential to contain beautifully and elegantly. An honorary title of the housewife, after all the woman besides household chores and questions of a family needs also to be engaged in public work, or it earns additionally a nadomny profession.
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Style of the business lady

Style of the business ladyFor the representative environment business who often goes on business meetings and negotiations, two things – a cocktail dress and the dress are simply necessary for a business evening banquet. In means of a make-up also it is necessary to be selective. There are strict regulations for use of day and evening make-ups. It will allow you to look harmoniously and during a business lunch, and on an evening buffet table. Spirits and eau de toilette should correspond to an image of the business lady, not confuse time of the use of exciting sweetish aromas
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Official style
Sports style
Ornaments and accessories
  • Decor on footwear

    Feminity is inherent in ladies always. And desire to make even more attractive and womanly to add to the image still something fashionable and refined, and the main thing... 
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  • Fashionable baulchik

    The classics in clothes style demands from a handbag such rules: A quality material – velyurovy, velvet, kidskin. Without superfluous heaps. Harmonious compliance... 
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Outer clothing